Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Business As (Un) Usual

If you're ordering check supplies online, consider EGPChecks.com. They are awesome in my book.

A few weeks ago I needed a new binder for my business checks. First I tried the company where I bought the checks, and they had one for an exorbitant price, in my opinion. So I Googled the item number and found the identical item for about 1/4th the price at EGPChecks.com. Naturally I tried to order from them, but when the item came up in the shopping cart, the price was nearly double that on the listing I'd found. So I emailed the company about the discrepancy and included the link to that listing.

My first surprise was that 15 minutes later I had an email from the company. It was so fast I almost thought it was an autoresponder! The gentleman was very gracious, and explained that I'd  stumbled across an old web page that should have been deleted, but "we will of course honor the" lower price (all that and free one-day shipping!)

Amazed. I received that email just before closing on a Friday. They gave me two options: call them (or email them my number and they'd call me) and they would process the order manually, or if I didn't want to wait I could go ahead and order with my credit card and come Monday they would refund the difference back to my card -- which they did, and I had that confirmation before 10:00 a.m. on Monday morning. Definitely impressed!

If they give that kind of service to some random guy placing a tiny order on a Friday afternoon just before closing, I'm betting you'd be really happy with them with a real order and as a recurring client!

So if you're in the market for checks and related supplies, consider EGPChecks.com. I'm positive you'll be intensely happy with them.

Have an awesome day!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Taking a Positive Step (revisited)

Okay... last month (March) we had an Intensely Positive Meet and TweetUp.  It was awesomely successful.97 people registered altogether, and 83 made it to the event. I loved it and the biggest question was, "when's the next one!"  SO... I'm having the next one -- May 13, 2014 at the Best Western (check the panel to the right).

Shooting for the full 150 this time! Again, Step #3 of my 6 Steps to Being Positive. is to "associate with positive people. Period."  In 2010 I started my "Intensely Positive" blog with tag line, "When you master your mindset you master your life," and have begun creating our world-wide community of positivity!

If you're in the area for May 13th... drop on by. In the meantime feel free to pass the word.  It's really going to be a blast this time! See you (maybe) on the 13th.

Have an awesome day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mothers' Day, Mom

Mothers Day has always been a special day in my life -- and for the last probably 10 years, I always spent Mom's birthday and Mother's Day with her. Particularly the last 10 years because that's the last time I got divorced and mom figured, "you don't have a wife and a family there, you got no reason not to come home!"  LOL. Her logic was hard to argue with, so that's the way it was. She applied the same logic to Thanksgiving and Christmas -- but she did let me off the hook for Easter and Halloween :-)

But this Mother's Day is different, because it's the first one of my life when I don't have mom -- because she got her angel's wings on January 26th, just a few months before her 85th birthday. So my vision is that she's up flying loops around heaven, with that incredible smile you see on this photo -- my favorite smile, because usually when we pointed a camera at her she made a face and stuck out her tongue in defiance -- then wondered why she had funny looks on her face in all the pictures we had of her! Over the years we managed to get a few other good ones, but this one is my absolute favorite.

There are so many things I could say about her, and honestly this photo belies the little spitfire she could truly be, but she was a mother supreme and a grandmother extraordinaire, and on days like this one there's a little hole in my heart, because I miss that grand lady...

I've a dear friend getting married today and I'm going to her wedding. That's a dilemma in itself because usually when I attend a wedding I'm either the photographer or the groom! (not saying how many times I've been married. LOL.)  I'm am so pleased to get to celebrate my friend's bliss... but today is mom's birthday... and tomorrow is Mother's Day, so today is bittersweet.

When she passed, I put together a Photo Tribute to Mom, and if you haven't seen it, I'd be pleased and honored if you'd take a peek: http://bit.ly/10i6j2I. But beyond that, it was best said, I think, by this beautiful image sent to me by my friend Honey Delapa which reads: "Long after we've said our goodbyes, our hearts will remember."

If you are a mother, then Happy Mother's Day. I pray that you leave the lasting effect of love on your children that my mother has left on us.  If you still have your mother... cherish her, and I pray that she's had the lasting effect of love on you -- and you on her -- that my mother had on us.

Happy Birthday -- and Mother's Day -- Mom!  We love you!