Sunday, April 30, 2006


It's been a while since I bothered you and I didn't want you to think I'd neglected you (again).

I was very proud of myself last issue for "keeping my deadline", and publishing Ramblings at a set interval. Right after that issue launched, a really good friend of mine -- awesome photographer and writer for a major photography magazine (someday I'll introduce you to her) -- sent me a lovely note warning me of pit falls in writing something "just to meet a deadline." She mentioned that one of things that made Ramblings so different, was that I only wrote when I was inspired, and that trait made the writing better. I thought about it and, well... I just got inspired.

So, here I am ... not on schedule.. sharing a few thoughts with you.

Some of this you have heard this before, but they tell me that spaced repetition is good -- you hear the same thing over and over, from different sources, then one day... you get it. So many seminars I've attended and left going... "whuh?", Then every once in a while, when I'm sitting in just the right place, with just the right lean, in just the right mood, under just the right light in just the right row and... WHAM! I GET IT. That's the scientific name for that, you -- an "Aha" moment (see something "very technical on it, right here. So, enjoy hearing this again.

Okay, folks. Sometimes, life just POUNDS on us. I'm Mr. Intensely Positive, right? and nothing EVER gets me down. HA! (or is that "Aha"). Well, I wouldn't exactly say that. Things happen in my life that wear me down, just like they do in your life. "Stuff happens" all the time, and most of the time I just flick it off like a wet snowflake, and go on about my business. But every now and then... something really stands on my last nerve and just grinds, and I become less than positive. Then I work very hard to get back to the right frame of mind -- an empowering frame of mind -- that allows me to do something about my situation, because as long as I'm in a negative state, I can't produce anything positive.

"Why?" you say. Why not just enjooooyyy the moment!? BE angry, be upset. Mope, THROW STUFF even ; whine... bitch, moan, scream, complain, and even... BLAME (and -- for the record -- I do some of that too from time to time, but very few people get to witness it ). Gosh...didn't that feel good? Aaaahhhhh.... Well, honestly, most of the time -- at least for me -- it really doesn't feel good, but sometimes it seems ya just need to purge. But once that's done...

... the very next question out of your head -- and you need to say it out loud so your EARS can HEAR you say it, and it can sink into your brain -- is..."Now, how can I fix this?" or "How can I turn this around?" and THEN... you need to EXPECT a positive answer to come out of it (and the be prepared to receive it when it does). You need to LOOK for -- and concentrate on -- the positive, empowering answers to get out of whatever less than positive predicament you are in.

Anthony Robbins -- yes, one of my all time heros -- says that our minds will answer whatever question we pose to it. The problem is, most of us ask the WRONG QUESTIONS! The question needs to be, "How can I make this work?" not... "Why is this happening to me ?". The question needs to be, "What can I do to overcome this obstacle?" not... "Why does all this stuff keep happening to me?" Honestly. WHICH of those questions would you RATHER have the answer to?

I watched a movie recently -- creative documentary, really -- that absolutely blew my mind called, "What the Bleep Do we Know" Wow... what an enlightening video! Beyond the "positive attitude" books and tapes, beyond the "just do it hype", here is a documentary video that actually explains -- and shows in graphics detail (great graphics displays) -- just what happens in our minds, and HOW we program ourselves to succeed or fail. Using the SAME technology they use to show you happens in the brain to create drug addictions, and the chemical reactions inside the brain that creates nirvana for long distance runners, etc., they show you what chemicals are released in your brain and how neural pathways are created inside our brains when we think or feel certain things. They talk about imagination and creativity -- like, the brain doesn't know the difference between something real, and something that is vividly imagined. How we program our minds to work for us or (like most people) against us, and how it works on a quantum physics level.

You're thinking, "pretty heady stuff", but it's not really. Heck, they broke it down so people like me could understand it. You're definitely covered . I highly recommend you see this DVD. Check your library, rent it from Blockbusters or somewhere. If you want, you can buy it here for $13.56 from Amazon. I saw it; I bought it. Period. You should just do this for yourself. It's a real eye opener.

And then.... go back to my site and re-read "Who's in Your Front Row?." This is important! because I cannot overstate the importance of having people in your life -- in your inner circle -- who support you, nurture you, HELP you, and allow you to feel good about yourself. You need to do your best to remove yourself from people in your life who don't. (What the Bleep will help with that part too. Amazing movie, I promise you.)

How many times do we go hangout with someone that we know is going to make us feel bad, but we go anyway? "Gosh, I'd really like to see Martha, is SO negative, and I always feel so yucky when I leave her..." Guess what? You need to stay away from Martha -- she's not good for you, and Martha shouldn't even be close to your front row.

Keep people in your life who give you POSITIVE energy, not who drain you -- and vice versa! If you're being drained... get out. My Front Row is awesome; and fairly small. So, if you haven't read it before check it out at No charge! And even if you have read it, check it out again -- remember that spaced repetition thing.

That's all today. I hope things have been awesome for you, since last we communicated. I was going to talk about my trip to Italy, but decided it's too much, for too little. We'll sum it by saying, I lost $600 in Franklin Planner sytem and Palm Pilot, I made my train to from Naples to the airport in Rome by only one minute, and I showed up at the gate for my flight from Rome to Amsterdam precisely 10 minutes before the plane was supposed to take off. They probably felt sorry for that sad, lost American face.

Yikes! Speaking of sad faces! I almost forgot! Last month someone "turned me in" to the Muscular Dystrophy Association to be "jailed". I was supposed to raise $1200.00 for "Jerry's Kids", and I only made it to $950.00 -- counting mailed in contributions. The fund raiser is still open until May 19th, and my tally will be complete. If you have an urge, and haven't been "fund raised" out this year, I'd welcome any small contribution you might make. If you go to "my participation page" you can donate using your credit card -- tax deductible of course, if you itemize -- and if you don't want the world to know who you are, you can donate anonymously. If nothing else, you owe it to your self to see that SAD FACE I put on that page -- which will never been seen in public again after this fund raiser -- and if you donate, I'll send you a copy of me "in jail" -- something I'm sure my mother would be proud of

As usual, thank you for e-listening, & I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback, via email or as posts.

Have an awesome day, my friends.