Friday, January 06, 2012

Tons of Self-Improvement Materials

We all look for self-improvement information from time to time, and I ran across -- okay, was invited -- to this one, and also invited to submit my gifts.  I contributed a 5 day Positivity Boost... sample of vitamin K and a free 1200x800 pixel inspirational computer wallpaper. 

There's a plethora of free information here, so I encourage you to take a look and see if anything piques your interest.  There's over 600 free items during this one-month promotion including:

* Affirmations For A Wealthy Mindset Audio - Elaine Lockard
* The All-Natural, No-Fail Weight-Loss System - Willie Crawford
* 10 Free Personal Development Reports - Steven Aitchison
* Sound Transformation Starter Kit - Iain Legg
* A Beginners Guide To Running - Paul Klein
* 3 FREE Hypnosis MP3s - Dan Bainbridge
* How to Make Your Mind a Money Magnet! - Dr. Robert Anthony
* The Law of Attraction Key - Kristen Howe
* Create Your Own Self Improvements Products - Keith Purkiss
* Brain Maximization Package - Alvin Huang
* And Much Much More!

It all starts here, so give it a look:

Have an awesome day!
Kelvin P Ringold, Sr

P.S. Download all the gifts immediately and check
back often because more are being added all the