Saturday, February 28, 2009

And the Good News Is...

I've been looking around the web lately and it seems that everybody wants to tell you how bad and gloomy it is. And you know what? We're not in denial that times are hard for some, but in spite of it all, there are people -- regular people, just like you and me -- who are making it work, finding what there is to be grateful for, turning lemons into lemonade, and finding the silver lining behind their clouds. You get enough bad news... I'll be working on bringing you some good news! of smiles and news of hope and accomplishment!

As a matter of fact, I just created a new email address. If you have something good to point out, let me know. Send an email to "" Make some people happy, point to where the bright side is ! Share some silver linings! Have you found a way to overcome? get past some obstacles? turn lemons into lemonade? Do you know of acts of extraordinary kindess? Something that will warm the heart!? Then you've "". Send it to me.

You can write it, tell me about it, give me a link to it, or whatever you need to do so I know it's credible. I'll post as much as I can. If it gets too overwhelming, I'll find another way to share your good news, but for right now... we'll try this.

Also, for the record, I'm not collecting (keeping) the email addresses that send to "". So, if you want to see your news published you can sign up for this blog (see the box on the right), or subscribe via RSS feed (also at right), or just check back later / often and see if it gets posted.

Positive, Upbeat, Motivational and Uplifting - ONLY!
will be added! You can get your bad news someplace else.

Have an awesome day!