Monday, January 29, 2007

I Hate Email !

Man... email! Do you have any idea how much time I WASTE using email? I am wholeheartedly convinced that if it weren't for email, I'd be rich by now!

It's a weakness. Man, I come home, walk in the door and go to the basement to turn on the the computer, then I go back upstairs to hang my coat up and maybe go to the bathroom, if I need to, check mail, look for water leaks...whatever.

I'm on the computer all hours of the night, I get 300 spam emails a day, easy! between about 7 email addresses! I use the stuff for business and pleasure and speculation and communication. Heck I even get emails about the emails I get!

If it weren't for email, the albums would be finished, the pictures and frames would be hung, the wallpaper would be down and that ugly wallpaper would be gone, along with that ugly hurricane lampish chandelier type thing, the rest of the house would be painted, the carpets would be shampoo'd, all my clothes would be put away and I'd PROBABLY be skinnier! because I wouldn't be sitting in this darned chair stairing at this compu-beast. Viruses? Oh my gosh... sofware downloads? Newsletters, info-mercials, advertisements, new found wealth solicitations from New Guinnea and a thousand other places. JUNK!

Jokes? Holy smokes. JOKES? There's 95 people on my joke list and half of them send stuff back, and half of those have stuff to look at attached to the email other than just the email! and then there's the CD club news and I HAVE to check out the new CDs, the magazine subscriptions the airlines solicitations and... then... the IMPORTANT emails -- business clients who want products and services delivered or finished or.... worse.. people who want me to love the house (and my computer) and get away from email !!! Are they nuts?

Email is probably the worst thing that has EVER happened to me -- bar none; it's an illness and an obsession unto it's own... and it sucks the life right out of you.. Man... my fingers hurt.. I answered about 75 emails just this afternoon not counting the ones I handled at work today. Email.... wow... how'd THAT happen ?

Oh.. gotta go... I got more (e)mail...

I Love email...

I've got to tell you that I *love* email -- and the internet.

When I think of ALLL the things I can do with email, it just excites me tremendously! (no... get your mind back here....) I can communicate with friends all of the world; I can say hi without bugging you and you can get to it when you time and I'm not intruding. I can send you my thoughts across the word instantly instead of waiting several days. I can receive updates from news services or new articles I'm interested in, updates on my financial accounts, pay my bills, check status on flights when friends or loved ones are flying, have the stuff sent to my cell phone, even!

I can send jokes to hundreds of friends simultaneously, send and receipt business correspondence at the speed of electricity, market my products and services, send love letters to special friends. keep in contact with my children who I wouldn't hear from otherwise.

I can use it for work, send proposals, receive proposal and holy smokes you can even send and receive MONEY using little old email, and yet... if you don't use it or need it, it can sit quietly by and awake your bidding. Email is awesome... probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Enough... by George... is Enough!

OKAY! I give! I thought I could do it all, hear it all, read it all, respond to it all and catalog it all. I want to be smart, cute, healthy, loveable, popular and rich just like EVERYBODY ELSE, but you know what? All this email stuff has GOT to go !!! There only so much STUFF I can wade through and read and act on and...well you get the picture. SO part of my 2007 clean-up is DUMPING a whole bunch of these informative emails I get every week (day?) and restrict myself to the stuff I am actually motivated to do something about.

Make sense to you? Here's a test!
  • If you have FOLDERS AND FOLDERS of really important emails you never get a chance to read...
  • If you find your self hitting the delete button more often than the "read" button
  • If you've got a couple of thousand emails in your inbox and you don't have a clue when you're going to get around to checking them out?
  • You passed! Find the handy dandy unsubscribe button on a couple of those puppies and CLICK THIS! and stop them from flooding your mail box.
If you REALLY get the urge to catch up, mosey on over to their web site and check out their archives and read them there. And if you find that you're not moseying over... then obviously it wasn't important anyway, especially if you're still eating, breathing, walking, talking and your zits haven't increased for having cancelled them. Eh?

Whew... I feel better already.

Have a great year !!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

A "To Do List" for 2007

I sometimes interface with an organization called "Let's Face It". It's a support network for people with facial disfigurations -- which they term "facial differences". They publish a book mark with a To Do List on it (unknown author), that I think is great to take into 2007, so I present it here and perhaps you'll choose adopt some of the tasks :-D.
  • Mend a quarrel
  • Seek out a forgotten friend
  • Dismiss suspicion, and replace it with trust
  • Write a love letter
  • Share some treasure
  • Give a soft answer
  • Encourage youth
  • Manifest your loyalty in word and deed
  • Keep a promise
  • Find the time
  • Forego a grudge
  • Forgive an enemy
  • Listen
  • Apologize if you are wrong
  • Try to understand
  • Flout envy
  • Examine your demands on others
  • Think of your neighbor first
  • Be appreciative
  • Be kind and gentle
  • Laugh a little
  • Laugh a little more
Have a tremendous year !!!

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RESOLUTION for 2007:
"Talkin' the talk AND walkin' the walk"
Food for Thought:
"If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more,
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