Monday, January 01, 2007

A "To Do List" for 2007

I sometimes interface with an organization called "Let's Face It". It's a support network for people with facial disfigurations -- which they term "facial differences". They publish a book mark with a To Do List on it (unknown author), that I think is great to take into 2007, so I present it here and perhaps you'll choose adopt some of the tasks :-D.
  • Mend a quarrel
  • Seek out a forgotten friend
  • Dismiss suspicion, and replace it with trust
  • Write a love letter
  • Share some treasure
  • Give a soft answer
  • Encourage youth
  • Manifest your loyalty in word and deed
  • Keep a promise
  • Find the time
  • Forego a grudge
  • Forgive an enemy
  • Listen
  • Apologize if you are wrong
  • Try to understand
  • Flout envy
  • Examine your demands on others
  • Think of your neighbor first
  • Be appreciative
  • Be kind and gentle
  • Laugh a little
  • Laugh a little more
Have a tremendous year !!!

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RESOLUTION for 2007:
"Talkin' the talk AND walkin' the walk"
Food for Thought:
"If your actions inspire others to dream more,
learn more, do more and become more,
you are a leader."
-- John Quincy Adams
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I like!
KUDOS to Betsy and YOU..