Thursday, January 04, 2007

Enough... by George... is Enough!

OKAY! I give! I thought I could do it all, hear it all, read it all, respond to it all and catalog it all. I want to be smart, cute, healthy, loveable, popular and rich just like EVERYBODY ELSE, but you know what? All this email stuff has GOT to go !!! There only so much STUFF I can wade through and read and act on and...well you get the picture. SO part of my 2007 clean-up is DUMPING a whole bunch of these informative emails I get every week (day?) and restrict myself to the stuff I am actually motivated to do something about.

Make sense to you? Here's a test!
  • If you have FOLDERS AND FOLDERS of really important emails you never get a chance to read...
  • If you find your self hitting the delete button more often than the "read" button
  • If you've got a couple of thousand emails in your inbox and you don't have a clue when you're going to get around to checking them out?
  • You passed! Find the handy dandy unsubscribe button on a couple of those puppies and CLICK THIS! and stop them from flooding your mail box.
If you REALLY get the urge to catch up, mosey on over to their web site and check out their archives and read them there. And if you find that you're not moseying over... then obviously it wasn't important anyway, especially if you're still eating, breathing, walking, talking and your zits haven't increased for having cancelled them. Eh?

Whew... I feel better already.

Have a great year !!!

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