Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Step by Step

In the "dreams come true" department -- or at least the goals set and accomplished -- we have the first anniversary (we're calling it birthday) of my daily dose of positive -- Vitamin K Daily! launched on October 18th, 2010 !

A couple of years ago one of my photographer friends made a comment about my positivity on Facebook and asked "what would you charge for a daily dose of positive?" I smiled (virtually) and told her I'd let her know, at that time not really "planning" to make that happen beyond the little positive updates I made on Twitter and Facebook but the idea kept gnawing at me -- it wasn't the first time I'd gotten the question.  I fought all kinds of self-doubt thoughts: "why would people care what I had to say?" "I can't charge, there's so much out here for free;" "Wow, I couldn't think of something to say every day and what if I missed a day?"  Just because we're positive, doesn't mean we escape the self-doubt self-talk. Positive people aren't immune to negative self-talk, we're just not immobilized by it.  We acknowledge it, put it into perspective and move on because negative self talk is the smoke and mirror game of fear.

In this case I already had a couple of hundred people subscribed to my other e-writings, so I knew that people liked what I had to say.  This was just a bigger test; bigger for me, really, moreso than my readers, because THIS choice would obligate me to producing a positive piece every single day (Monday through Friday; I gave myself Saturday and Sunday off), 52 weeks a year!  With my other writings, publication had been more a whim than a schedule.  Consistency had not been one of my writing/blogging strong suits and committing to that kind of consistency, quite frankly, frightened me.

There's much more to the story, and maybe I'll vignette some the other "obstacles" later, but I'm pleased to say that I *did* lauuch Daily Dose, it was subsequently dubbed "Vitamin K" by one of my readers and great friends, and I'm pleased to say that in the past year I have not missed a single day of publication.  The technology tried very hard a couple of times to give me a reason to fail, but I didn't take the out. Once, my computer crashed so I typed the daily message on my iPhone and uploaded it that way. so it would launch on time."

So step by step -- in this case, day by day -- goals get accomplished. Break it down into smaller pieces and handle them one at a time. Know what the big picture looks like, but concentrate on placing the puzzle pieces one at a time and the picture will gradually materialize.

Now for the next year!  Incidentally, Daily Dose is only $24.95 a year.  That's only 9.5 cents a day for a better attitude. The accolades I've been getting... daily... tell me it's worth it.  What is YOUR attitude worth?

Have a beautiful day!