Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Maiden Voyage, so to speak...

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Thanks for visiting this blog and hopefully we can get some good dialogue going about a lot of things and maybe even generate some better Ramblings! If you're not really familiar with them, then click this link ( on the "Ramblings" link on the right, and check them out.

Today is... April 3rd, 2005 and if you're here *now*, then this blog is not quite ready for public acceptance, but I had to write something, so it would show up :-) Stay tuned, and we'll have some fun. And I'll learn this thing as we go along.

Take care for now, and have an awesome day.



Anonymous said...

And it's good to finally have you as part of the ultimate blogger community. :-)

Kim said...

I love it when people discuss goals and goal settings.

I have a very easy remedy for goal slashers (you know the people who say you cannot succeed or you will fail trying)

I suppose my answer to this would be bleeped on the air of TV.....

It's simple, hang out with POSITIVE people that share your interests and want you to do well.

You know today's world is probably the most difficult and critical, let's face it, look at the status of the US and the war.

If your friends, family or associates are not supportive to you reaching your goals, then simply dismiss the conversation and move onto something they know absolutely nothing about, like, World hunger, even thought these experts know everything about everything, let's face it, they don't and more over, What have they ever done or accomplished to make them so judgemental.

Keep it simple and don't fret about other people.

I personally have about 6 projects on tap for 2006 and NO ONE is going to tell me I cannot do any of them, that is completely bazaar. I've already started 2 of them, opening up a coffee house and studying for my NYS Real Estate license.

Let's face it, in today's time, if your an entrepreneur and running your own business, you are capable of doing whatever you want to.

You can be anything you want to be when you grow up, time is of the essence.

Life is short so make it SWEET !

I'm off to Florida this afternoon for a vacation, see you upon my return.

Kim Bachstein
South Bay Latte' Coffee House
Coming Soon!