Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Great Energy Drain...

There is perhaps *something* in your life -- some task, chore or obligation? -- that's plaguing you, that you're putting off. Maybe there's a good reason and maybe there's not, but it's probably absorbing a good deal of your mental energy, and the "avoidance" is using more energy in the long run than actually doing whatever it is you're avoiding.

Just do it! Easier for me to say now, particularly since I just conquered such a demon of my own. But when I look now at the mental "lot" where that giant energy sponge used to be, I see clarity and light, and room for more progress.

There's tremendous power in a decision. So look your demon in the eye, decide to tackle it, and right then... do something to start. Without immediate action... your brain will know you're bluffing, and it won't respect you. A decision without action is not a decision.

Have an awesome day.

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Josh said...

The Hagakure, which describes guidelines for a samurai to live by, includes these items about decisions:

- Decisions should be made within the space of seven breaths.

- Matters of grave concern should be treated lightly, and matters of small concern should be given great weight.