Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Your Attitude, You Know

I had a meeting today. I hate (most) meetings, and this one in particular, because 99% of the time (I feel) it has no relevance to me. Worse, I had to walk 10 to 15 minutes, in the Syracuse c-c-cold, to get there!

So I got my grumpy self up (as grumpy as I get, at least) from my desk, donned my coat, hat and gloves, and headed out. It was cold so I walked briskly -- picked up the pace. Crossing the street, dodging cars, walking fast, up the hill, jump over that pothole... when I noticed that I was humming a catchy little tune, thinking pleasant thoughts and... and... enjoying the walk -- cold and all! I laughed at myself.

My morning would have been much more pleasant if I had chosen that attitude -- instead of the one I did. You might say, "but you didn't choose" the attitude, but in fact... I did. I didn't want to go to the meeting, I intentionally adopted that attitude, that mind set, and then I fed it... kept reinforcing the feeling, telling myself how much I hated meetings and how silly it was and staying annoyed. Then, during the walk I got side-tracked and forgot to feed it and my natural (habitual) mind set took over and there I was... happy, enjoying the walk and the exercise, the brisk winter air and the beaming sunshine.

Be aware of the attitude you choose, and be aware of what you tell yourself to feed it and keep it going! If you're angry over something, listen to your self talk and see if you're not continually feeding that anger. If you've been sad about something for a while, listen to your inner conversation and you'll discover that you're constantly telling yourself how sad you are and why, and how "whatever your circumstance" is unfair and ... actively blocking any thoughts to the contrary, because... that attitude must be feed, to live.

So, take control of your mind ! It's your attitude -- choose one that's better for you, and and feed that one!

Let me know how you do.



Mitch said...

Pretty nice, Mr. Ringold. That "law of attraction" thing was first working against you, but it's amazing how, just changing up the environment, even a less than positive one (it was cold this morning, for sure), changed everything like that. Always a better way to feel.

Unknown said...

Coach Esteban here K.

Where your Focus Goes your Focus Grows.


What you Think about you Bring about.

Show closes tonight. Audiences are raving about it.

Kelvin Ringold said...

Thanks for your posts, gentlemen! You're both right. COACH! we need to talk :-) Seriously. I'll be at the play tonight, btw. Also just did another Twitter blast to job any other last minute CNY'ers. Both of you have an incredible day.

Anonymous said...


I used to tell my daughter all the time, "Your attitude determines your altitude. You choose how high or low you want to go."

Nice post. Thanks so much for leading me to it.

Kelvin Ringold said...

Thank you, Beverly, for your feedback. Attitude and perspective are my focus. If I can change that on one or two people a month, life is good :-) Have an awesome day.