Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Winning Attitude!

Every once in a while something happens that is especially exciting :-) This week, two such things made my day! I enjoy being a positive influence in people's lives and individuals often tell me how I've been helpful for them. But this week "my attitude" got shouted from the rafters, so to speak, when Syracuse Post-Standard reporter Amber Smith posted a news article featuring me, along with 4 others in Central New York, has having winning attitudes ( Works for me ! Thanks, Amber, for making me feel special.

Secondly, I did a portrait session for my friend and fellow photographer Renee Marquis. I've had people appreciate my work before, but Renee is making me feel like I'm the only photographer on the planet, and I don't mind that feeling either (even if it does leave me a lot to live up to. LOL). I'll defer to her comments regarding the images along with the cool slide show she put together. Thanks, Renee, for making me feel special.

There ya go. Elated... but humble.

Have a great weekend.


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