Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's What's Inside!

Recently, I spent over 13 hours with Dr. Wayne Dyer -- not in person, but it may as well have been. Mother's Day weekend, I drove the 13+ hours round trip to visit my mom in Maryland, and stayed to celebrate my oldest sister's birthday on Monday, and my mom's 82nd birthday on Tuesday. On the drive I listened to Dr. Dyer's The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny CD set.

A lot of things caught my attention, but one of the 9 steps he spoke of was developing unconditional love, and after listening to him, I conclude that very few people on the planet are really acquainted with unconditional love -- on either the giving or receiving end. I consider myself to be a very loving person... but I discovered I've got some distance to travel.

He used the metaphor of a simple orange: "When you squeeze an orange, what happens?" You get orange juice.  If you squeeze it hard or soft or with various instruments or devices, does it change?" No; you still get orange juice.  "How about if it's hot or if it's cold when you squeeze it?" No difference... it's always orange juice. "Okay, but I squeeze if versus YOU squeezing it, what then?"  You still get orange juice, because that's what's inside.

So it is, he explained, with unconditional love. Unconditional love exists without condition, or return, and is independent of life's circumstances. If you're the orange and someone squeezes you in a negative way, what comes out of you? If someone we're dealing with is kind to us it's easy to love, but when they're not... does our orange juice turn sour?

When life squeezes us, what comes out? Hate, anger, distrust?  Doubt, fear, uncertainty? Whatever is inside of us at the core -- at least me -- is what comes out when we get squeezed and as nice as I (think I) am, some days I'm much better than others. If we need some role models, Dr. Dyer presented some powerful examples of people who -- when squeezed hardest -- their unconditional love came out: Jesus, Ghandi, Buddha, Mother Teresa... and more.

And insofar as our destiny is concerned... the point he was made was that these negative emotions and feelings -- this orange juice -- sets up a vibration that blocks the abundance and good fortune we seek in our lives, and as the law of attraction goes, we attract what we focus on and have the most energy / emotion for.

What is coming into your life right now? Whatever it is, is being brought to you by your thoughts and your emotions and by what's inside.  If you're happy with that, you're in good shape. If you're not... maybe some introspection is in order.

The quality of my orange juice isn't as consistent as I'd like it to be, so I'll be working on me even more. I'm a work in progress -- so, don't squeeze me too hard just yet.

Have an awesome day.


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Tamara Smith said...

I believe there's a certain type of enlightenment that allows people to act as Gandhi and the others acted. There must be some core understanding that is just beyond the edge of our comprehension. But many things are that way until we have one of those wonderful "Aha!" moments and the pieces finally fall into place. Those moments give us confidence that everything we need is inside of us, if we keep looking.