Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daily Dose of Positive Anyone?

Hello, hello, hello...

Are you one of the people who've asked me, "Kelvin... how much would you charge for a Daily Dose of Positive!? or, "Hey, why don't you give us something daily..."  I received three such requests in the past two of weeks!!

Well... Good news! 
Because, beginning on October 16th,2010, we're introducing our "Daily Dose of  Positive!" It might not be called that exactly, but it'll be close.

No heavy reading, just short, positive, motivational thoughts, phrases or ideas -- maybe a picture or poem or link to something awesome. But, whatever it is, it will be PUMU -- positive, upbeat, motivational and uplifting (PUMU)!  Monday through Friday of each week...
Your Once-a-Day Vitamin "K" :-), to lift, encourage or brighten your day!

TWO cools things:

1.  Everyone who is
currently enrolled with me (as of 9/22/2010) through Ramblings (  or through, is considered a Charter Subscriber to Daily Dose of Positive, and will automatically receive them at no charge.  Being a Charter Subscriber will also entitle you to other benefits down the road -- I call them loyalty bonuses -- because YOU are the long time loyal friends who've watched me grow, stumble, fall and BOUNCE! You even suffered through my 3-in-the-morning typos and other g-g-g-oofs, and cheered me on anyhow.  You rock!

2.  I'd really like to have a larger subscriber base, so to help me with that goal,
everyone who enrolls with me between now and midnight on October 15th, 2010  via either site, will also receive our Daily Dose of Positive free... forever (***or at least as long as I'm living and producing them).  You'll be PRE_LAUNCH subscribers and your bonus for believing in me early... is a free, lifetime subscription to Daily Dose of Positive -- provided you don't unsubscribe, of course.

So that's it. WE'RE GOING DAILY, and I'm excited !!  Every morning, Monday through Friday, a positive, upbeat, motivating, uplifting thought in your e-mailbox from me...  I bet you're feeling better already !!

So, to confirm, you
will receive Daily Dose of Positive FREE... FOREVER*** if:

Thank you for your faith and encouragement.  I look forward to serving you.

Have an awesome day!

Kelvin P. Ringold
, Sr.
Prince of Positive (Twitter)
Really Nice Guy In Liverpool, NY


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelvin,

Let me start from a place where this comment will make sense. I have been looking into au pairing and have come close to finding a family and could be leaving Canada for Italy in just a month. Hooray for moving forward! The more important part to this story is the fact that I have just broken up with my first boyfriend, my first love, my best friend. I have spent the past 3 weeks (can't believe it's been that long) sleeping, working, and being unable to even eat. Today is the first day I have had a real supper, even if I only ate half. Of course I hate to admit this to you, I always swore I would never be that person, I would never let someone hurt me, I would always have myself and isn't that all I need? Well it turns out it isn't. Life without the person I have depended on for almost 3 years is no longer the person I can depend on. I made this decision, shouldn't I be happy? So this is where I come back to the au pairing. I had originally planned to leave in January, but a week or so after the break up, the family I have been talking to said 'how's November?' and today said 'any earlier'? I jumped on the computer to look for a suitable blog site where I could document my process for my family to read back home and for me to reflect on when I am back. I found the website and was browsing the blogs on there when I found yours. I read your title and quite honestly thought 'oh boy here we go, no one can possibly be this enthusiastic'. But you were! And you did it with an ease that made me feel like you were talking to me personally, that what you were saying wasn't 'I've had a wonderful day the roses have never smelt so sweet, isn't this great?!' You were giving a message that people should already know. But sometimes we need the guidance and the words spoken for us in order for us to believe them. This is me. I want to thank you for using your natural gift of empowering and creating positivity to pass on to me. I feel better right now than I have in weeks, and you're right, I can get there. I have subscribed to your Once-a-day-vitamin-K and can't wait!

Thank you Kelvin, for making me see that today isn't an obstacle but another stepping stone to where I want to be. And that this is reachable.


Kelvin Ringold said...

Hi, Kat!
Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful comment. I always hope that my words can have a transforming effect on people, but it is especially gratifying when someone like you takes the time to let me know that I did. Humbly, I am grateful that you did.

Thank you for subscribing to my Daily Dose of Positive and I hope the words there will be just as uplifting and empowering for you.

I look forward to serving you, and hearing from you again when and if I make a difference. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. Your note... is why I write. Thank you again.

Have an awesome day.