Saturday, March 19, 2011

Point to Ponder

Most people have dozens of reasons to fail; when all they need is ONE good reason... to succeed.


Stephanie Clark said...

So true, Kelvin. I write resumes for people, and see the stark difference between those who have every "reason" for why they'll never have the job they want/deserve/earned, and those who allow no obstacle to stand between them and their dream job.
The difference has nothing to do with education, experience, skills, and everything to do with attitude. One set believes in themselves, in serendipitous good luck, and the other only in all the bonafide "reasons" that hold them back. Interesting. - stephanie Clark


We can find so many reasons NOT TO DO when all we need to do ... is TO DO. No matter what the circumstance, there must always be some DOING IN PROGRESS. Time used is never wasted.

Lanie said...

I made my first blog ages ago.. only to finally come back and find your comment. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You are my first and only comment.. lol Onward and upword. Thank again