Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day (from Vitamin K)

February 14, 2012

Mmmmm, Good morning, my friend... 
Happy Valentine's Day!  Can you hear the birds singing... even in the snow-laden areas? And can't you feel that special energy in the air, even if you're tired? Can you feel the joy of a special person and how glad they are to have you, or at least know you?
Last year I said that with all the mess and confusion happening around the world, it's beautiful that there is still a day set aside each year, for love. Yet, with all the hub bub about "lovers" and diamond rings" and engagements and such... it creates an atmosphere where people who aren't in relationships might feel like they're not whole... like maybe there's something wrong with them -- or, rather, "us." I don't have the problem, but I usually know a few who do.

But if we can remember, again, back to when we were kids in school... and we'd get that package of cards and those sweet little candies and we gave one to everybody in our class!  No shortage of love that day -- little cards, little heart shaped candies...and some occasional hugs?  Everybody got some love. 

So, even if you're not in a relationship, here I am with my "everybody gets a little love today" card!  There are many special people in my life who give me joy, and each of them has a little piece of my heart (though some have a little bigger chunk than others.)  Hopefully you're life is the same way!  And not be out done, here's  a little chocolate:  no calories and NO migraines, but if you look at it long enough... You'll start to smell it.Mmmm. Yes?  My work here is done.

So wishing you lots of people who give you joy, and get joy from you, and may you feel an abundance of love today, starting with your own self appreciation of the wonderful person you are.  And remember, THIS year...  I gave you chocolate.
Have a ssssweet day.


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