Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Taking a Positive Step (revisited)

Okay... last month (March) we had an Intensely Positive Meet and TweetUp.  It was awesomely successful.97 people registered altogether, and 83 made it to the event. I loved it and the biggest question was, "when's the next one!"  SO... I'm having the next one -- May 13, 2014 at the Best Western (check the panel to the right).

Shooting for the full 150 this time! Again, Step #3 of my 6 Steps to Being Positive. is to "associate with positive people. Period."  In 2010 I started my "Intensely Positive" blog with tag line, "When you master your mindset you master your life," and have begun creating our world-wide community of positivity!

If you're in the area for May 13th... drop on by. In the meantime feel free to pass the word.  It's really going to be a blast this time! See you (maybe) on the 13th.

Have an awesome day!

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