Monday, September 24, 2007

I Forgot to Eat, Today!

Ever have one of those days where you forget to eat? I haven't, at least not in a long while. I've had days when I didn't feel like fixing anything, but it's been months -- maybe years -- since I actually forgot to eat. And I have to tell you that it's a good feeling.

For me to forget to eat, it means that I am engaged -- immersed -- in something that I like, that intrigues and invigorates me; something important to me that holds my total attention. It's been a long while since I became that engrossed in anything or series of things... that I forget to eat -- not like I couldn't afford to skip a couple of meals, anyhow. LOL.

Today... I was engrossed in photo shoots -- fun shoots! -- one of which was a stunning young lady who needed senior portraits, and I did a great job of it. Earlier in the day, I photographed a very cute baby for his 1 year old portraits, then later another senior portrait session. In between, I was engrossed with communications with various friends, and all in all... it was a great, fun, productive day, and I now have something to look forward to tomorrow -- like processing and uploading all those images...

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh. I like my life today. Life is good.

Have you forgotten to eat lately? Well, if not... here's hoping you find something in your life soon -- something awesome -- that makes you forget to eat, and that will be an excellent day.

Incidentally, if you're remotely interested in my various photo projects and commissions, then mosey on over to my photo blog at Sign up to receive email notification when I do a new post there. Otherwise, I'll e-talk to you next time. Who knows, maybe I'll forget to eat again tomorrow. Two awesome days in a row? I can only hope.

Have an awesome day.


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