Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Soft Crusted Honey Apple Oat Bread...

Sometimes, life is best epitomized by simple pleasures. I'm not a big bread eater these days, due to my relatively low-carb life style -- note the "relatively" part. But if one is going to veer from the low carb path, it should at least be in favor of high fiber and /or multi-grain, which I'm told are good for me.

I thank whoever in Danny Wegmans' empire came up with Soft Crusted Honey Apple Oat Bread. This stuff is so good I'm surprised it's not illegal. Baked fresh each day, wrapped lovingly. Take a loaf home, slice it thinly... put it in the toaster... when it pops, put some real butter on it (butter has zero carbs, so I'm there in spirit) and when it melts...slip that baby in your mouth and take a little bite. Don't rush... savor that. Oh yeah (was that an Herbal Essence commercial?)

Yup... the simple pleasures in life. You gotta give that a try. When you do, tell Danny Wegmans that I sent you -- maybe he'll send me a coupon for a free loaf.

Have an awesome day.



Me llamo Stephanie said...

You sound like my husband, although he would have honey dripping from every bite he took, lol.

Kelvin Ringold said...

Steph... I've got honey in the kitchen, for a change of pace. LOL.