Friday, August 21, 2009

I Fired the Boss!

I found this button some years ago. Oddly, I think I found it in the drawer of my new desk, when I started my last job. It was a job I was actually pretty happy with. It seemed I'd fallen into the perfect setup -- the perfect job for me, with the perfect boss. I've written about him previously, so I won't rehash that now. Suffice it to say, I decided long ago that he would be the last supervisor I ever worked for. He raised the bar so, that I couldn't see myself ever working for anyone else.

But at the close of business next Friday -- August 28, 2009 -- I declare Kelvin's Independence Day, because despite how great Bob Shprintzen was to work for, I have a personal dream -- in The Alchemist he calls it a personal legend -- that outgrew the job. As much as I loved helping the people that I connected with through Dr. Shprintzen, I believe I have a greater purpose and can be of greater service pursuing my dream; so... here go, I.

So, although the button says "I fired the boss," it's not strictly true. It was a very tough decision, and a huge chunk of my heart stays with him and his VCFS practice, and the friends I have made over the last 12 years, among both staff and patients. And I sincerely hope that part of my thanks and legacy to him enables me to help raise funds he needs to keep that practice running, because he does a great work at the VCFS International Center for the 1-in-1200 children born yearly with that syndrome.

If you check the VCFS Center link, watch the video. If you watch long enough you'll even see my big head pop up in one of the scenes during a team consult.

"Thank you, Dr. Shprintzen" for giving me the admiration and opportunities you have in the past 12 years, treating me like a member of your family, and for being wholly supportive in my decision to leave, even though you know it cripples your program. (That's the kind of man he is.) "Thank you, world," for giving me the opportunity to be a bigger part of the grand plan. I won't let you down.

Have an awesome day, all.




Kelvin, very interesting. Almost everyone I know is in the process of moving (spiritually, physically, emotionally, etc.). This moving is important. Years ago many of those same people would have to be pushed before they moved in any direction.

Get in your "Bond" mode and see where that fast car takes you!

Paul Zelizer said...


Like Butterfly said, there is a great deal of moving and change these days. Appreciate you taking this step to offer your gifts to the world in this way.

Blessings on the journey.

Kelvin Ringold said...

Seth Godin said in "Tribes" that some people weren't content just to collect a paycheck; that they needed to make a difference. Turns out...I'm one of those people. Luckily, there's a lot of ways to make a difference and I'll be doing the best I can at my ways. Thank you both for your friendship, observations and encouragement.

Mitch said...

Big day coming up; you're going to crush me! :-)

Welcome to the world of total entrepreneurship.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome. "Crush" assumes we're competing -- we're not. I'm just doing what I do.

To your success, young man.


Danielle Ricks said...

What a wonderful time of self discovery for you! I won't wish you luck because I know you will great. Instead, I wish you happy travels on your new journey and on this new chapter in your life!