Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Gift for You for 2010

This morning, I woke up at about 7:30.  Typically, I roll over, look at the clock, take a deep breath, then get up and start doing something -- coffee, turn on the laptop, walk around the house and find my planner so I can plot my day, kick the cat (just kidding; I don't have any animals -- not even a mouse; yay!).... just something besides waste time laying in bed. This morning was different.

This morning, I looked at the clock, took a deep, leisurely breath, turned back over, laid there, quiet, cozy and relaxed. As I did, I noticed the warmth of my bed (I'm probably the last remaining human on the planet with a heated waterbed) while I listened to the quiet of my house. Sometimes "quiet" has character.  I noticed that I was breathing slowly and deeply; and I felt my heart beating, strong but quiet. Then I noticed that I wiggled my toes, and I tuned into that feeling; and felt the blood moving through my system. I felt the texture of the covers on my skin and listened to the soft, rustling sound they made when I moved under them.

I opened my eyes and looked around my room and became aware that I could see things. [Normally we just "see" things, but we really don't take an active appreciation of the process.] The light through my bedroom windows had "life" and substance, and weight, and I contemplated the wonder of eyesight and how that all worked, and considered what magic really happens in my mind and body that allows me to feel the textures of those covers over me.

Minutes later, the quiet, muffled sounds of street activity seeped through the walls and floated into my consciousness as I heard -- actually felt -- the low vibrations of the distant vehicles driving down my street. Still noticing my breathing, and the textures on my skin, and my skin itself, I enjoyed the awareness that I was alive -- smiling with each new revelation. Was this meditation? or just relaxation? or what ?

Altogether, I laid there for about 10 minutes -- maybe fifteen -- then got up, and headed for the kitchen to make coffee. I made an aromatic pot of freshly ground "Vermont Maple Nut Crunch". I realized tonight -- as I was cleaning up my kitchen -- that the pot was still FULL. After all that, I didn't pour a single cup. That's how relaxed I was when I got up. I forgot I wanted coffee!!

I know what you're thinking... but there was no alcohol or foreign substance of any kind :) involved -- I just turned my attention inward and focused on "me" with new awareness.  Marcel Proust said, "The real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but in seeing with new eyes."

We are often taught, in our society, that it is improper to turn our attention to ourselves. We are taught that turning attention to ourselves is SELFISH. I submit that that concept is in error. I submit that we NEED to turn some of our attention -- and sometimes ALL of our attention -- inward, to ourselves, in the manner I've described here, so that we can realize what truly magnificent creatures we are -- YOU are.  Even the most "messed up" of us.  If we spend more time tuning in to the miracle of us, many of our self-image issues will disappear; and this year, I PLAN to spend some time pointing out the miracle of you and helping that happen.  But not now -- this post is already longer than I intended, so we'll have to wait until I write more, to hear more.

In the meantime, here is a gift you can give to yourself for 2010: WAKE UP, Slow Down, and TUNE In... to the miracle you are, and see yourself with new eyes.

That's it for now.  Have an awesome day.




You made me want to be there. That's another character of quiet: it makes you thankful for the opportunity to share when you realize you're pretty good company.

Therese Skelly said...

Hey Kelvin,
Great post about the power of just being. It's too easy to jump out of bed and start your day, so I loved your story of noticing all the 'life' around you.

And how funny that you forgot the coffee!

Thanks for the inspiration....

Kelvin Ringold said...

Thank you, both, for your uplifing comments. Children notice everything in wonder. We adults notice...not nearly enough! I'm working on a little "regression". LOL. Child-like wonder is such a cool place to experience life from. Glad you're both keeping me company :)

Have an awesome day.

Tamara Smith said...

Hi Kelvin,

Your post was very validating…I've wondered if I was the only one to experience that inner focus that comes between being fully asleep and fully awake. Child-like wonder is a good description. It's like "seeing" through eyes that I don't normally have access to. The mind is a mysterious and wonderful thing!

Kelvin Ringold said...

Thank you, Tamara, for your comments. The mind is a tremendous thing and most of us don't even begin to use it to potential -- including me. I am re-learning, and rediscovering, and it is good. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Please... keep in touch. Incidentally I tried to post a comment on your blog and it didn't let me. Had a great comment, too :-) That one post looks lonely. I bet you have more to say now -- I'm just thinkin'. Have an awesome day.