Monday, January 24, 2011

I know Christmas is over, but...

Many years ago when he was very young, my baby boy, Michael, was wrapping a Christmas gift for someone. At his (then) tender age, he considered it an expression of himself to "artistically" wad the wrapping paper around the gift, put a little tape and a ribbon on it, and call it a day.

Because I knew who's gift he was wrapping, I suggested to him that he might take a little more care in wrapping it, because if he were receiving a gift from that person, it would be lovingly and meticulously wrapped, and presented to him as a near work of art, and tried to impress upon him that sometimes the care and affection we put into something isn't to necessarily reflect our own desires, but rather to somehow recognize and show our appreciation for the love or care the other person would have put in it for us.

Pictured here is beautiful decoration for my tree, given to me by a loving friend who doesn't celebrate Christmas (at least, not usually) but because of our friendship, sent it to honor our friendship and my celebration.

It means a lot to me, on so many levels, and is one of the purist offerings of affection and appreciation I've ever received. 

To my friend, thank you for your affection and friendship.  I know you didn't expect any such recognition, but I wanted you to know how deeply appreciative I am of your gift, and that I will treasure you -- and it -- for all time.  May your upcoming year be as beautiful and kind and you are.

And that acknowledges -- in book --  yet another  Christmas Miracle.
Good day, my friends,

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